Monday, September 29, 2014

My Little Friend, the Squirrel

One day I baked a cake for a dinner party later that evening.  It turned out perfectly..problem was, I wanted to cool it faster than leaving it on the kitchen counter.  When I moved into my home a year ago, I never saw any sign of chipmunks or squirrels.  So, I put the cake outside on the top of my little table on my front porch.  A while later, Cassie, my cat, was staring out the front door, talking.  I walked from the kitchen to where she was and asked her what was going on?  I looked outside, and there was my cake, almost half of it with most of the top gone, telltale crumbs on the porch and down the stairs, and I counted...I have 8 stairs with a landing in between.  I said, what the h---, and looked down the stairs.  There was squirrel, just sitting there as if to say "go back inside so I can finish the top of the cake!"  What I found amazing was that he could smell my cake all the way from the sidewalk.  Needless to say, it was too late in the day to bake another one, so I made the executive decision to cut the half away that was nibbled on, and frosted the other half of the cake.  When I served dessert, everyone was looking forward to my cake.  Thankfully, it was a very small group.  When I took the lid off the cake holder, imagine their surprise...and my laughter.  I then shared the story of my little friend, who got his just dessert!!!

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