Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Things I Can't Do Without in My Kitchen, Part 1

My Kitchenaid mixer.  I bought this as a birthday present to myself when I turned 23, 34 years ago.  At the time, I shared an apartment with a co-worker of mine.  After I bought my Kitchenaid, I told Barbara she could use anything of mine that she wanted, except my mixer.  One day, I was going out with my late-husband, then boyfriend, and after we left the apartment and got to the car, we got to talking and I remembered I had left something in the apartment that I had needed.  Lo and behold, there was my roommate using my mixer.  And yes, I was hot.  She ended up moving out anyway, so it was just me and my Kitchenaid, which was fine by me.  I can't believe I have had my mixer for 34 years.  Whenever I have friends over for the first time, I point to the kitchen and say "this is where it all happens!"  After I get these looks, I then point to my Kitchenaid.  It's so old, it has a two prong cord.  I won't give it up until it gives up on me.  Until then, I maintain it like I would a fine, vintage car.  And I'm sure most of you would agree, if you own a Kitchenaid, you would gladly sacrifice something else in order to keep it.  I LOVE MY KITCHENAID!!!

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