Thursday, October 2, 2014

Halloween is Almost Here...It's Time to Decorate!

As I mentioned in a previous article last week, I used to adorn the large entryway of my front porch with 3 35+ lb  pumpkins, cornstalks as a backdrop, and then large Indian corn tucked in between all of it.  My porch now doesn't lend itself to passersby being able to see everything at eye level, and quite frankly, I had just about had it lugging over 100 lbs of pumpkins to the porch, although it looked absolutely beautiful.  My late husband used to tell me that it would take 3 weeks of recycle pickup just to accommodate the pumpkins when it was time to get rid of them, with all the other stuff we needed put in the bin.  He was never too pleased, but not unhappy enough to always ask me if I was going to make pumpkin seeds.  So, I would usually acquiesce.  Today, the pumpkins are around 17 lbs, and I have four.  My mom always told me to do things in odd numbers, so even though I have four pumpkins, I have three together and one by itself.  That works.  Last year, I was really enamored with skeletons, as the store I shop at had a life-size one.  I was so enthralled by it, I bought it, and sat it on the upper railing of my front porch.  Today he has a partner-in-crime, along with two little partners.  I absolutely love them, and after Halloween, I just fold them up and put them in my shed.  A few weeks ago my landscaper and his helper were at my house, when he went in the shed and saw the little skeleton.  Unbeknownst to his helper, Daniel came up behind him and asked him to turn around.  You'd have thought his friend saw a ghost....well, close enough.  Below are the pictures I took to show you...

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  1. The little goblins in our home would love to see something like this in our are putting on the pressure, missy! Just kidding:)