Saturday, November 8, 2014

Why Don't You Open a Bakery? Part 1

I love to bake, I love to cook, though pies and breads were never my forte.  Could I make them?  Yes.   But I stayed away especially from bread.  Why?   Because there's nothing like homemade bread that has been out of the oven for about 15 minutes...give me a stick of butter and I'm good to go.  I started this blog back in September and since then, am amazed and grateful by the number of you who have looked at my recipes and what I have to say.  But, back to the title of this story, which also brings me to tell you why my friends usually say "squirrel" when I start talking, because I go in several directions at one time.  My mind just works at a furious pace, and even my one friend from work, Lisa, told me one time, "I am used to people talking in one direction, and then going in another, but I can't keep up with you!"  I love Lisa.  Anyway, since I joined Facebook shortly after starting my blog, it has been suggested that I write a book, it has been suggested I open a restaurant, but the other day was to open a bakery.   Opening a bakery.   My biggest stumbling block would be getting up at midnight so I could open by 6 am.  Over the years at my past and only job, an airline, I worked as early as 4:30 am and worked as late as 1 am.  When I first came to Seattle, I worked a 5 am shift.  There was a place on the way to work called Chuck's Donut and they opened at 3 am, so many times, I would stop and get a few doughnuts for me and a woman I worked with, Teddy.  She always wanted a custard filled, and there was something about getting donuts just an hour after Chuck's opened.  But, the downside was that at 7 am when I would sit down to eat what I bought for myself, there was David eating his pot roast, with his shoes off.  Somehow the whole bakery ambience went out the window, so I waited until my next break at 9.  But then I worked a swing shift, and went home at one in the morning.  There were the bakers at Chuck's, already an hour into making everything so they could open at 3.  Sometimes I didn't know whether I was coming or going.   Opening a restaurant.  I have always had a very hard time depending on people, and in a restaurant, you have a lot more people under your command than in a bakery.  I have dealt with the public most of my life, and there's something to be said for getting a job at a nursery and doing nothing but watering plants.  I have some idea of what is involved with running either a bakery or a restaurant, and there are a lot of parts...sort of like working at the gate for a departure of a flight at my previous job.  Everything has to come together in a certain amount of time.  I remember working with my friend, Julie, at the gate a long time ago, and when we were down to the last half hour before departure, she got in this don't talk to me, don't look at me mode.  Now granted, back then, you usually had 2 or 3 people working at each gate for a flight, and the name of the game was to work together.  But there were those who were just better alone at this task, and at the time, since we had the luxury of more than one person working a flight, I gladly stepped back and let Julie do her thing.  And, I always marveled at how she got the whole thing done, sort of like getting a box, wrapping it with paper and tying it with a short order...was she the best team player at the 13th hour, perhaps not, but the flip side of that was watching someone do what they needed to do like a well-oiled machine, and that was Julie.  But, back to the bakery story, as I have "squirreled" again for about the 4th time......part 2 coming in the future.....

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