Friday, September 28, 2018

A New Website and Instagram

A happy Friday to all of my readers out there.  Things have been rather sporadic on this site because I'm in the process of putting together a new website...very exciting news!!! This original blog of mine was so graciously started by my niece, Abby, back in September 2014, and while I cherish it because it was born of love, the new website will have many more fun things, including a truly functional index.  I have to admit I finally stopped with the index because it was such a pain to get it all in order. 

This may not seem like big news to you in the grand scheme of all the food bloggers with their own pages out there, but it is to me.  I have to admit this is "not" a full time job for me, my blogging's more like when the mood strikes me.  That said, my passion for cooking and baking is a part of my soul.  Sharing funny mishaps in the kitchen as well as stories of my growing up, stories of present and mishaps in the kitchen make me feel like you are all sitting around my kitchen table, and will remain unwavering and consistent.

Over the years we have seen many changes in food habits and dietary concerns.  I remember when my niece surprised me with a visit last year, and said, "Oh by the way, Aunt Nan, I am now vegan."  What did that mean I wondered, as there are many types of vegetarian diets.  Well for me as a pretty much eat anything and bar nothing person, it was rather daunting, and as I read the vegan description, my eyes continued to get bigger and bigger.  No dairy, eggs, products from animals or fish...every time I thought I had found something to put on my grocery list to buy for her impending visit the next day, I had to nix it.  But, the bottom line was I love my niece, after all, she was the one who so graciously put this whole blog together for me to begin with.  So, I loaded up on fruit of just about every kind, oatmeal, sourdough bread and freshly ground almond butter. 

Where is this leading, you may ask?  Well, I have to be honest.  I probably won't any keto recipes, true vegan (I love butter too much) or gluten free recipes, after all, it "is" my blog.  Kidding aside, I love food, I love to eat, I'm a sugar addict, I love sweets and just about all foods.  And while my blog, and cookbook (links below for color, black & white and kindle) do have veggie dishes, salads and almost all the recipes do not use processed food, I like to feature recipes which sound good to me as I put my ingredient list together, look pleasing to the eye and taste good. 

I will let you know when the new blog is up and running.  This one will remain and the new one will pick up where we left off here and come to life.  In the meantime, buy my cookbook and please follow me on Instagram, wittsculinary, where you will get to enjoy some things on that page that you won't here.  Just an fyi, my followers are at only 35 because I got a new phone last weekend and accidentally deleted my Instagram account...such a bummer, so jump on board❤️

And here are the links for my cookbook                                                                                                   

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