Friday, September 7, 2018

Bringing My Food Blog to Life...

THE BIRTH OF A SELF-PUBLISHED BOOK, and how not to throw yourself in the river before it's done.

This may not apply to many of you of course, but for me, my book was a labor of patience, perserverance, patience, education, patience and pure unadorned love.

Quite frankly, I can't remember any endeavor in my life as challenging...oh wait, there was one. I could never drive a stick shift car. I know, I know, and remember well the day Curt and I went to the Honda dealer to get me a new Civic. The salesman got in the car with us and told me it was virtually impossible to kill the car with the way sticks had improved, and we're talking 30 years ago already. So there I was, in the driver's seat, ready to give it all I had, while Curt was in the front passenger seat bracing for the worst.

I killed the car 5 times in the parking lot...yes 5 times. No, we never even got out of the lot. I was tremblihg harder with each go around and there was Curt yelling, "How can you not drive a stick, it's the easiest god - - - - thing in the world"? Well, the way I figured it, if that was one of the ONLY things I couldn't accomplish in my life, I was okay with that. Perhaps in the next volume I'll tell you about my experience with a different stick I was in and the boat!

Anyone who thinks they will write and publish a book in order to become rich is CRAZY...yup, you heard it here it first. By the time Amazon takes their cut and the manufacturer takes their cut, you're lucky if you make a couple of bucks a book, and if it's in color, like mine, cut that in half. But I didn't go down this road to become rich, I went down it to share my love of cooking and also my stories of growing up and people I worked with in various jobs. Each recipe that I share has a little memory behind it, some of them fairly comical.

Put the stick aside for a moment. Learning shorthand was tough...I wrote beautiful shorthand but couldn't transcribe what I wrote. I actually had one of my bosses sit at my typewriter when I was in my 20's and had him dictate his letters while I typed, my shorthand transcribing was that slow. But the way I figured it, he had a copy of what he dictated in his hands before he even got out of the chair. Learning ticketing at my airline job was tough, but once I got it, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who loved to ticket at the counter more than me. I built 2 houses from the ground up, and let me tell you, the stories I could tell you would leave your mouth agape for several minutes. But, this book...this book was nothing I've have ever experienced in my lifetime.

I am fairly technology inept, and I'm not embarassed to say so. That's not to say that I don't want to be educated, but when I used to hear ipod, ipad, iphone,, I knew I was in trouble. So learning word, going to google and you tube every 5 minutes, doing things over and over and over again, being on the phone for hours with the self publishing line, proofreading,'s sheer craziness. But the things that kept me going were my love of cooking, having somewhat of a flair for telling stories and turning something into reality that never in all of my days thought would happen. This experience and journey has taught me many things, which I won't go into now. I simply want to share my love of the kitchen and family with those who wish to have a good read, an easy read, one that brings a smile to your face, maybe a tear and perhaps gets you in the kitchen. Thank you all for your love and support


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