Monday, September 17, 2018

Fall is in the Air...and in the Sky!

Hi to all my readers and hope you're having a good Monday.  The weather here in Seattle does "not" know what it wants to do.  First, it's sunny, then it's pouring rain...the sky cannot make up its mind!
This time of year is somewhat of a mixed bag.  Summer draws a line in the sand desperately wanting to stay with us and fall is on summer's heels doing quite a number in trying to push it off the calendar. 

This summer was also not the norm here in the Emerald City.  We had many over 90 degree days, and less rain than we normally do...none for 3 1/2 months to be exact.  I think I know what many of you are thinking...that Seattle "always" gets rain.  But the fact of the matter is we're in a drought every summer and when 4th of July appears with its deluge of fireworks, everyone seems to hold their breath, hoping and praying that nothing outside catches fire as everything is so ripe for disaster. 

What did you do this summer?  Did you travel anywhere, meet up with family for a reunion, experience anything for the first time?  I was working on my new cookbook, Witt's Culinary Home Cooking & Baking Volume 1 for most of it, but I did do one thing that was out of my comfort zone.  I own a kayak and last year my goal was to paddle to a buoy that's about 200 feet from shore by my home.  I am a good swimmer, but have great respect for the water, whether it's a pool,  the lake or the ocean.  That said, if I can't see to the bottom, I have a BIG problem.  So, last year a friend and I took our kayaks out and we had gone about 50 feet towards the buoy when I happened to looked down, and I couldn't see a darn thing...just murky grey underneath me.  Well, it wasn't a pretty sight, and I started having an anxiety attack. My friend told me to just turn around and head back to shore as he kept telling me I would be okay.  I was crying and panicked and felt like a failure.

Okay, that was last year.  Now onto this year.  It was a beautiful day about a month ago and I told myself this was the day.  My friend came over and we inflated our kayaks.  Out we went, and every once in awhile, I just told myself that I could do it.  Also, my friend gave me one of his earbuds so I could listen to some of my favorite music to stay distracted.  A few times I had to stop and give myself a pep talk, but then I continued to paddle.  There was only one time when I really panicked, and that was when I looked at the water when we were almost to the buoy and saw a jellyfish right underneath the surface.  I shook my head to pull myself out of any grim thoughts, and ta-da, actually got to the buoy.  My friend took pictures and I was crying again, but only because I had done it, I had really gone out to the buoy! 

Needless to say, going back home was a no brainer.  I felt exonerated, as if I had this huge weight taken off my shoulders.  I had just kept looking at that buoy out my bedroom window for the last year shaking my head, and now I can look at it with pride and a whole different perspective, knowing it can't daunt me anymore. 

Did you travel somewhere on your bucket list, even though you may have been afraid to fly there?  Do you have a personal achievement that you conquered this year?  If so, I would like to hear about it so that I can give you a hand.  As I'm finishing this, it's sunny, but I'm sure it will be a different story an hour from now...

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