Friday, October 19, 2018

My Book, My Passion...

Being a first-time author can be a little daunting, but it's also very exciting!  To know that your heart, soul and passion are being put to life on pages for someone to read is the most rewarding feeling!

Not only do all the recipes have pictures and step-by-step guidance, each one is prefaced by a story with most containing a little humor.  Also inside are heartfelt stories of growing up and reminisces of my relatives.  This book will bring you smiles, laughs, tears.  It is my passion, and I am honored to share it with you. 

It can be purchased on Amazon, and is a great read, either for yourself, or a friend or family member.  If you know someone who likes to cook and/or bake, who aspires to cook or bake, or just likes to spend some time reading about memories made in and out of the kitchen, this book is for you.  I would love for you to support my passion and purchase a copy, and for those of you who already have, I would appreciate a review on Amazon.  It's available in a color edition, black and white edition and kindle.  Nan



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