Sunday, September 14, 2014

thanks to all of you who have viewed my blog...I never dreamed there would be so many of you so soon that were curious about what I have to say and the culinary offerings I am bringing to you.  Not only am I humbled, I am also dedicated to bringing you only the very best recipes I have made over the years, and would love hearing from those of you who have taken the time to put my choices on your table.  I would also like to ask your patience in sending these recipes to may be rather irregular for awhile, but don't despair...there will be many, many more coming. I have never had a blog, and I have to say, it is a journey.  but, I would love nothing more than to have you join me on this journey down my culinary path!  bon appetit!

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  1. Love this blog:)
    Now i know where to go for delicious recipes from a seasoned chef and baker!