Thursday, October 9, 2014

It's Another Gray Day...But, Just Got an Email From my Sis...

Pam, letting me know how much she ADORES my blog...and this from a woman whose idea of being in the kitchen is to admire how it Rarely!  Her kitchen is beautiful, the whole house is.  Pam and Steve, her husband, my dear brother-in-law, have very specific color, white, gray and pink, from the wallpaper, to the furniture, to accoutrements..even their faux Christmas trees.  Yes, one would think this is quite garish, except it is done with such taste, they have really pulled it off.  Their Swarovski chandelier in the foyer is "to die for," and even I wouldn't mind having that over my big farm table in the kitchen.   Then again, my guests would be in such awe, as it is that stunning, that they would forget about my food, and that's not what this is about...sorry, sis (lol).  Who am I to say how one should decorate their home?  Mine is done in farmhouse/cottage, and while Pam would love how I did it and feel comfortable if she was here, she would never have any of this furniture in her home.  My theme is sage green, yellow, antique blue, distressed white.  The lower level, my "Vermont Room" as I call it, is done in rust, mustard, light brown and some sage...but, we're getting off the point of the blog.  She reminded me of some additional memories when we were kids...maybe after reading my piece about the fall season back in Chicago last Sunday.  I do have a list of memories, and it's growing, as I look forward to sharing with you some of my family, and what they brought to the table, food or otherwise.  I know this blog is small potatoes compared to most, but I'm very proud of those potatoes, and if you like what I write, or the recipes I bring to you, all the better.  I have been somewhat frazzled in starting this whole endeavor, but it has also brought me much comfort.  Sometimes, though, with comfort comes melancholy about what was, and where did the years go, and remember when?  But, hey, we're in the here and now, so please, enjoy my blog and continue to tell your friends about it.  Sharing this journey with you has afforded me to think back, and be able to re-live many, many wonderful times....

P.S.  I love you, dear sister!

Me, Pam and Steve

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