Saturday, October 4, 2014

What Should I Make for Dinner...I Can't Think of Anything???

I used to ponder this more often than not when I was in the kitchen.   I really think there are three kinds of cooks...the cook who is fearless and will try any and every recipe that comes her way; the cook who collects a zillion recipes and says she loves to cook, but she really doesn't do a lot of it and the recipes go untouched; the cook who says she loves to cook, does a fair amount of cooking, actually takes the time to look through her cookbooks, marks the pages that are promising, but 95% of them still go unmade.  I am that third person.  As the title states, I would stand in my kitchen either looking out the window, at the counter, or be in deep thought, when my late husband would come in and ask what the matter was.  I would say to him, "What should I make for dinner...I can't think of anything.  His answer would always be the same..."you have how many g-- d---- cookbooks sitting on the shelf, and you can't think of anything to make.  This was said as statement, rather than a question, and then he would shake his head and walk away.  So, when I was looking for empathy and a suggestion, I got that instead.   Actually, my repertoire of cookbooks isn't that large.  I think I may own 15, which is quite small compared to some of my friends.  But there is hope for me, for you see, I started this blog.  I have had a "write-your-own" cookbook of mine for probably 35 years.  In it are my coveted recipes, ones I know that I know by heart, but still open up the book when I make them just cause I like the security.  Then there are all the recipes I have squirreled away, hoping to make one day, and if you're like me, you go through them from time to time, looking wistful, then put them away.  I know you guys are out there, and may not admit it, so I will.  The blog now forces me to make recipes I haven't made in ages, and make the ones that I have been collecting, looking at and putting away.  I am really looking forward to going through all of them, one by one...just for you.  Is there a recipe that you would like to see here, perhaps something you have never made before and would like to attempt, but are daunted by it?  Perhaps something that may be simple to me, but may not be to you, and you would like a step by step with pictures along the way such as the apple galette I featured this week?  Let me hear from you, and if I can, I will give it a go.  After all, you, the reader, are part of my blog family.   And I want us to keep growing...
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  1. You must write your cookbook...i don't know anyone who makes it look so natural while tasting so good...
    keep going. As for recipe requests...i have never known how to make a great tasting marinara/tomato sauce from scratch.
    p.s. i want to be present for your next apple galette!

  2. You nailed it when you described the difference between cookbook collectors and those who actually cook. Thanks for inspiring me to get out of the books and into the kitchen!