Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What Do You Do With All That Food?...

Is what I'm asked often.  I "have" cooked a lot of food lately...probably too many things for just starting out on a food blog.  I've always enjoyed cooking, though...in fact, four out of the five people in my family do, or did, in the case of my mom and dad.   My sister, however, would rather be in her kitchen enjoying a glass of wine, versus making something with it.  But, back to the million dollar question...where "does" all that food go?  Do I eat it...nope, not a lot.  I might have something here and there, but for the most part, once I get done cooking or baking something, I have little desire to eat it.  Now don't fret, that's not to say I don't love what I'm making....but if I do pig out, it's usually on the chocolate side of things.  So where does the other 99.9% of that food go?  Well, most of my neighbors have benefited from it, at least they say they have.  That would be Nancy, Cindy, Steve and Marsha, Sibyl, Scott and Don.   Then my dear friend Deon comes over to taste many things, and I sent him home with leftovers.   Let's see, I just brought treats to Dawn in Customer Service, Amy in the Meat Department and Cindy in the Produce Department at Fred Meyer.   All of my friends at Marine View Veterinary Hospital have had food delivered to them many times over...Linda, Sam and Dr. Jon, who graciously share with their co-workers.  I have had one of my friends down the street, Susan, come over when I have made things, but being a avid baker herself, she doesn't make too many trips down here.  The small walk would do nothing to burn the calories I'm trying to feed her.  I have left food for my friend, Sheri Jo, who is a Manager at my Bartell's Drugstore, and my little family at Boehm's will benefit big time in the coming weeks.  In fact, they will be receiving a pumpkin pecan cake with maple cream cheese frosting tomorrow, which will also be on my blog tomorrow.  Will I have a piece?  Probably only a sliver, because the majority of my appetite will be fulfilled by, you guessed it chocolate, and what better place to do that than at Boehm's!

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