Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Recipe #56: My Chocolate Chip Waffle...By Nancy Wittendorfer

Me and my waffle go back, way back, since I was 25...32 years ago to be exact, and I don't know what I ever would have done without it.  This waffle has provided me breakfast, dinner, comfort, a late night snack.  I have doled it out to many of my friends at work...Jeff, Lora, David, Paula, Ryoko, Mikage, Marlys, Jackie, Dan, Megan, Stephanie...just to name a few.  Many years ago I came to the conclusion that every day I MUST have chocolate in "some shape, form or fashion", as my friend, Deon, would say.  Perfect example of this is when my friend, Leslie, and I would travel back east.  Breakfast would usually be provided by the b&b we were staying at, and I can assure you that chocolate of any kind wasn't on the menu.  The closest thing I would come to "getting my fix" would be finding that rare vintage soda fountain that would know how to make a good chocolate malt, or happening upon a country store like Leslie and I did in New Hampshire one trip.  They had homemade fudge, and hence, the addition of rum extract, raisins and walnuts when I make it now.   I make my waffle every day from scratch...every day.  This sounds so decadent, when really, it's 1/2 cup Krusteaz pancake mix and enough water mixed in a bowl to create a batter, then chocolate chips are added...roughly 1/4 cup.  No, you don't put any butter or maple syrup on it, although I have been known to put my waffle on a plate and top the whole thing with a mess of whipped cream.   That said, you should see my chocolate chip pancakes...stacked three high, chocolate chips in the pancakes, chocolate chips in between the pancakes, and topped with whipped cream.  My coworkers were always amazed when I said I made them from scratch every day, and I think many of them were still, perhaps, in awe, that I did this, even as easy as it was.  So on to work my waffle went, in my lunch bag, broken in half and wrapped in plastic, until break time.  Thank goodness we had a toaster oven in the lunchroom, as microwaving this when it's already been baked would turn it super soft, which I know my friend, Deon, (again) would love, but I don't.  After heating it about 5 minutes, the aroma in the lunchroom was truly "waffle", and thank goodness I never got a complaint from any of my coworkers.  Quite the contrary, as some of the mainstay comments were, "it smells great in here" or "Nancy must be working today."  All told, I have gone through 4 Belgium waffle bakers (yes, only 4) and hundreds of pounds of Krusteaz pancake mix and Nestle chocolate chips.   Who would have thought that a bunch of flour, water and chocolate chips could bring me, as well as many of my friends, so much pleasure?  Last year I retired, and I think there were more comments from my coworkers about not having the great smell of my waffle around more than not having me around...they were just kidding...I hope...

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