Thursday, March 26, 2015

Recipe #62: The Granola I Love..My "Go To" After the Chocolate Chip Waffle...

I remember growing up and on school days, having cold cereal for breakfast.   Because my dad went to the bakery every weekend, this choice seemed so bland during the week.  Nowadays, on a rare occasion I will have a craving for Rice Krispies with a banana, but that's as far as "domestic" cereal goes.  Granola is a different bird.  But you pay the same price for a large box of Rice Krispies as you would a small bag of granola.   This granola doesn't have the kitchen sink in it, but it's good, easy to make, and I like it.  Of course, you can add anything "your" heart desires when you make it...just follow this rule of thumb...all nuts and seeds when you bake, all fruit afterwards...

4 cups regular oats, not quick-cooking           1 1/4 cups sliced almonds
1/3 cup raw sunflower seeds                             1 cup pecans, roughly chopped
1/4 cup each light and brown sugar                 1/3 cup maple syrup, the real stuff
1/3 cup canola oil                                                 2 tbsp honey
1 cup craisins, optional                                       1 cup coconut, optional
1 cup dried tart cherries, optional

Heat oven to 325 and line two large baking sheets with sides with parchment paper.  In small saucepan, heat the oil, honey and maple syrup on low just for a few minutes.  In a large bowl, add the oats, almonds, sunflower seeds, pecans and both brown sugars, (see below).  I mix with my hands.  Add warm honey, syrup and oil into dry mixture, and mix with hands until well incorporated (this also feels great on your hands).  Spread mixture between two pans, (see below) and place in oven, baking for 40-45 minutes.  If you want chunky pieces of granola, do not stir, just bake.  If you want a loose granola, stir 2-3 times during baking to make sure everything is baking evenly.  Remove from oven and cool on sheets.   For chunky granola, let cool a little on baking sheet.  Place granola in a large bowl, add fruit, and stir.  Place in a tight container.  Should be eaten within 2-3 weeks, but trust me, it goes down real easy with milk or on top of yogurt.  Bon appetit!



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