Monday, May 11, 2015

Recipe #75: My Mother's Pot Roast...Not Much to It, But Lot's of Flavor!!

I remember as a little kid, my mom making pot roast.  It was one of "the" best meals to have on a fall or winter day.  You know what...I love making pot roast any time of year.  But, the one thing I do that my mom didn't was cut the chuck roast into pieces.  I am very picky about my fat and grizzle, so sort of go through the roast before browning.  Also, mom browned the pot roast in hot bacon fat, and that's where a lot of the good flavor comes from.  Mind you, not a lot, just enough to brown the meat and pick up a little of the bacon flavor.  If you want a simple dinner, this is it!

1 3 1/2-4 lb chuck roast                                           1 tbsp bacon fat
1 small onion, sliced                                                 5 carrots, quartered, optional
2 potatoes, peeled and cut into 6-8 pieces,          salt, pepper and garlic powder
   optional                                                                   2 tbsp flour mixed with 1 cup water

In a large dutch oven, heat bacon fat on high heat.  I usually have my pot roast cut into 6-8 pieces, with some odd slivers.  Add all to the pot and sear, and sprinkle with salt, pepper and garlic salt.  Brown on other side, and repeat with seasonings.  If there is any bacon fat left, just blot with a not rub out.  Add about 1 quart of water and stir the brown bits from the bottom of the pan...enough to cover the pot roast, stir in the onion, cover, and put heat on low.  Check a few times over the course of 3 hours, adding water to keep top of roast covered.  After 2 1/2 hours, add carrots and potatoes, raising heat to medium.  Cook for a half hour.  Remove everything to a plate.   At this point, I shred the pot roast instead of slicing it..just personal preference.  Make the slurry with the flour and water.  Juice in pot roast pan should be boiling slightly.  Add the slurry, stirring constantly.  Don't worry if there are lumps...I always put my gravy through a sieve.  You may also do the same with cornstarch and water, but make sure the water is cold, gravy.  Serve the pot roast with the carrots and potatoes.  My dad always liked egg noodles instead of potatoes.  Bon appetit!

really sear the meat...

leave the brown on the bottom of the pan...great flavor..

add water to the pot, stirring up the fond on the bottom, then add the beef back and onion...

I shred my beef when it's done....

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  1. Nancy, isn't it funny how so many memories are tied around food. I also have fond memories of food that my Mother cooked, stuff I would never order in a restaurant...pot roast, meatloaf, etc. But if my Mom came to my house and cooked it (which, actually I am lucky, she still does) I would, and do, eat it happily! Although she makes me turkey meatloaf now, as I can not eat cow due to allergies.