Saturday, July 25, 2015

Recipe #90: Cucumber Jalapeno Margarita...Happy Birthday, Les!

I found this recipe from Michael Symon, and I have already made two batches in the past week.  Not that a batch makes a lot, mind you, but these things are addictive.  I am not a lover of overly spicy food, that said, I do like some kick.  You need to taste these an hour after you make them, and then another few hours after that so you can gauge your heat level.  The cucumbers will actually pickle after awhile, and if you "are" a lover of spicy food, the pickles will fill the bill.  I would love for you to try these at least once.  I think you will be very pleased.  Now, let's cook...

1/2 cup fresh lime juice                                             8 slices cucumber
1/2 cup tequila, white or gold                                   1 jalapeno, halved lengthwise, and I also deseeded
1/4 cup grand marnier or triple sec                               but you don't have to
1/4 cup simple syrup, or more to your liking            salt for glass rim, optional


1/2 cup sugar                                                             1/4 cup water

In small saucepan, boil the water.  Turn off heat and add the sugar, whisking until sugar is dissolved.  Let cool.  I put the pan in a bowl of ice water and whisk until cool so I can use immediately.

Mix together the lime juice, tequila, orange liqueur and simple syrup in a pitcher.  Taste for sweetness.  Add the cucumbers and jalapeno, stir.  Refrigerate for an hour, taste.  Bon appetit!


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