Friday, January 8, 2016

Things I Can't Do Without in the Kitchen, Part 9

This post is about Le Creuset, Stretchtite, cooking sprays, my wooden spoon and pastry brush.

I have two pieces of Le Creuset...a round 5 quart dutch oven and the same in an oval shape.  Each piece, nearly 15 years ago, cost about 185.00.  I have never used my oval dutch oven, and may never use it.  I really liked the look of it when I was purchasing my other piece, and that's what prompted me to buy it.  I have used my round time and time again.  It really regulates the heat well, and cleanup is a snap.  Could I own many other bet, but I would never use them.  But, I love the two pieces I have.

Stretchtite...the greatest invention since sliced bread, if you ask me.  This stuff is better than Saran Wrap, Glad Wrap and everything else combined.  I buy the two rolls that come two to a pack, not the gigantic role...I would love to, but have no place to store such a large box.  This stuff clings like no tomorrow, and honestly, I would walk on broken glass for this stuff.  I buy mine at Costco.  I think I've been using this product for the past 25 years.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

Cooking sprays, both regular and the kind that comes with flour, are always in my pantry.  Actually, the regular Pam is always on my counter, as I make my chocolate chip waffle every morning and have to spray the waffle iron every time before I put the batter in.  I love the spray with flour, as you combine two steps into no more taking a paper napkin, dipping it in the solid Crisco, rubbing it around the cake pans and then taking out the flour, running that around the pan and banging the pan upside down on the sink.  That said, there's something to be said of that routine, and for that reason, every once in awhile, I continue to grease and flour a cake pan the old fashioned way.  The cake comes out the same, but there's just something about it that appears different. 

My wooden spoon I have had probably for 25 years.  You can tell how much it's been used, and every once in awhile, I will take a scrubbee to it with soap just to make sure all residuals from past stirrings are gone.  I watch cooking shows with people using tongs to turn things...I just can't cotton to that.  I like my spoon.  It's sturdy and reliable.  I have two newer ones sitting in my drawer, but for some reason, I never take them out and use them.   Blame it on the depression, even though I was NOWHERE close to being born, but that's the way it is.  I love this old wooden spoon. 

Ah, my pastry brush.  Actually I have large, one small.  I use them to brush barbecue sauce on ribs and chicken, dust flour off of pastry dough, brush melted butter around different baking vessels, taking specks of things off of baked and cooked goods. They are always on call.

Well, that's it for part 9...hope you enjoyed the read....

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