Friday, October 19, 2018

My Trip to Waco Texas...Home to Fixer Upper, Part 3

So, all that driving around hunting down famous people gave me an appetite.  Time for some bbq as I had done some research the night before. No more In-n-Out burger for me. You can't go to Texas without having bbq, and that's where  I was headed.

I ended up at place called Rudy's, which I found out was a chain when I was inside, but regardless, I was there, and there was quite a line, so I figured it had to be good.  Looking at everything offered on the menu was a little daunting, so I turned around and behind me was a woman not looking flustered in the least.  So I told her I was visiting from Seattle, and asked if she had been here before.  As it happened, she frequented the place quite often, both in Waco and where she lived down south.  I asked her for her recommendations, and without hesitation she said the creamed corn.  Now, I happen to love creamed corn, but there are many ways to make can have corn and the only liquid is shucking the corn again after the first go around to get all of the corn cream.  Then you can have the corn, and add cream and butter, or just cream, so you see where I'm going with this.

Well, by this time it was my turn in line and I still didn't know what I was going to order.  Enter my cashier, the nicest girl on the planet.  She gave me a sample of everything, and I mean everything.  Smoked turkey, pork, sausage and brisket, and I have to tell you, I honestly didn't know what to pick, so I picked all of them, plus the creamed corn.  So while she's having everything sliced, and you pay by weight, except for the sausage, I see one of the workers holding something that I had no clue what it was but I was going to find out.  Weighing in at probably over a pound, and shown below, was the over-stuffed baked potato.  I saw this on the menu and I think it was 8.95 and couldn't imagine what the heck would be worth that amount of money.  Well, that was!  Man, I was sort of unhappy that I hadn't ordered it, but then I would have had to forfeit the other stuff I had gotten.  Loaded with butter, sour cream, cheese and bbq pulled pork...definitely a sight to behold.

Found a table and sat down to my smorgasbord of samples and I have to say, everything was to die for.  The creamed corn was exceptional, and I was hard-pressed not to be able to finish everything.  The atmosphere of the place inside was jovial...sports being shown on wide screen tv's, people talking, eating and laughing and music playing.  The setting couldn't have been more perfect.

But as full as I was from bbq, I had a date next door at a place called Health Camp, which was anything but healthy...burgers, shakes, malts and fries, and the malt had my name all over it, a chocolate malt to be exact.  I'm a sucker for a malt so next door I went.  The place is extremely small, but does a whopping business.  My malt was chocolaty and thick, although I didn't dare order a large, especially after having just eaten next door.  I wanted to keep my lunch intact.  So, while enjoying my malt, I planned my next outing for that afternoon.

Where better than to do some antiquing where Joanna used to hang out, so off I went to Junque in the Trunk and Cedar Chest, both beautiful stores.  Have to admit though that Junque had many, many items from market, which means that a lot of their things were not antiques, but looked to be.  Still, there's nothing more enjoyable to me than a few hours of antiquing, especially if you have a mental list in your head of what you may be looking for.  Unfortunately, I found a vintage shuttered door from a ship that I fell in love with, but the ship cost would have been over $200.  Some things you just have to let go of...although it killed me to do so. 

Well, enough...part 4 coming soon, and in the meantime, buy my cookbook.  You won't be disappointed!!!

a different set of silos in the country

Rudy's for lunch

The menu

The overstuffed baked potato...doesn't it look out of this world?

a few different sauces

my plate from left...pork, brisket, turkey, creamed corn and sausage

the pork

the sausage

the turkey

the brisket

the place

the malt...yum, yum

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